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Ride For Duart Castle

The Ride Is Now Finished But You Can Still Donate!
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The purpose of the Ride For Duart is to raise funds for the restoration of Duart Castle. Duart Castle is the ancestral and symbolic home of the Clan Maclean and its Chief. It is located on the Isle of Mull in Scotland and has been a fortified site since at least the mid 1300's. The Castle requires major restoration to both prevent further deterioration, and to preserve it for centuries to come.

Click here for more information about the restoration of Duart Castle.

Ian MacLean is an enthusiast for all things Maclean, and for history in general. He thought that if a portly 73 year old was prepared to cycle 400 kilometers to raise money for Duart, that this might inspire others: other Macleans, and those interested in preserving history, to assist in its restoration.

Click here for a very brief history of Duart Castle.

The Ride will begin on June 13th, and, weather permitting, will end on June 19th. Ian will leave from Tidnish Cross Roads in Nova Scotia, and travel via the Scottish settled coast of Nova Scotia to the cairn of Lachlan MacLean in Washabuck, Cape Breton. Along the way there will be stops at Maclean and Scottish sites, and events where Ian will make a presentation, have a slide show on Duart Castle and show souvenirs of Duart Castle.

Click here for an interview with Ian about the Ride For Duart.

Click here for article by Cynthia MacLean about the Ride For Duart.

Macleans, others of Scottish descent, and those interested in preserving history will want to support this valiant effort for a worthy cause.

If you have questions about the Ride For Duart Castle, please send an email to rideforduart@outlook.com

Also please note that donations in support of the Ride for Duart can be counted towards existing or new Guardian or higher donor recognition status. For more information on donor recognition, please click this link.

How You Can Donate Right Now

If you want to pledge based on the number of kilometers Ian rides, please email your pledge to rideforduart@outlook.com. After the ride, Ian will email you the total number of kilometers he rode and the total amouint of your pledge.

If you are in Canada, or wish to donate in Canadian dollars, please use this link.
You do not need a PayPal account to donate.

Note: Donors using either the USA or International links are asked to send an email to duartfund@maclean.org to advise the Duart Appeal that your donation is in support of the Ride for Duart.
If you are in the USA, please use this link to go to the donation site for the USA to make your tax deductible donation.

Otherwise, please use this link to go to the International donation site.   

Other Ways To Donate

Canadian Donors
  • Interac email transfer to rideforduart@outlook.com
    You should be able to send an Interac email donation using your online banking website.
  • Cheque payable to "Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada", mailed to:
        Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada
        c/o Basil MacLean, Treasurer CMAC
        6775 Highlands Rd.
        Christmas Island, NS
        B1T 1L8
  • In person! Ian and his support team will welcome donations in the form of cash, cheque, or by credit card during the ride.
USA Donors
(Donations made by US donors through the US appeal are tax deductible under Section 501 (c)(3) as a non-profit corporation supporting Scottish cultural outreach)
  • Cheque payable to "Clan Maclean Association - California", mailed to:
        Clan Maclean Association CA
        748 South Meadows Parkway
        Suite A9
        P.M. Box 144
        Reno, NV 89521
    Please note in the memo line that the cheque is for "Duart Appeal - Ride For Duart".
International Donors
  • Cheque payable to "Duart Castle Restoration Fund", mailed to:
        Duart Castle
        Isle of Mull
        PA64 6AP
        United Kingdom
    Please make cheques payable in Great Britian Pounds.

Sponsors for the Ride for Duart

We would like to thank the following sponsors, who's generosity was instrumental in the success of the Ride For Duart