About The Restoration Of Duart Castle
by Sir Lachlan Maclean, 28th chief of Clan Maclean

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Clan Maclean Congress at the International Gathering in 2012 gave its unanimous support to help me raise funds to repair Duart Castle to make it watertight. I am very pleased to report that the Appeal, launched in 2014, has raised or had pledged £625,000 in March 2019. I remain overwhelmed and very grateful to those donors for their strong support. However, more funds need to be raised.

Since 2014 the first four phases of the restoration at a cost of £1.01 million have been completed. Historic Environment Scotland (HES) contributed approximately £470,000 to this work, while the Appeal and my family each provided £270,000.

The plan for Phases 5, 6 & 7 has been revised with an estimated cost of £1.2 million. HES is to contribute approximately £0.4 million with the expectation that this work will be completed by June 2021. Contributions to the £250,000 cost of Phase 5 were: Appeal £100,000, family £50,000 and HES £100,000. Phase 5 was completed in April 2019 and now Phase 6 at a cost of £487,000 is underway. To fully fund Phase 6 the Appeal is targeting to raise £70,000 this year. The final scope of the £480,000 Phase 7 which is scheduled to start in 2020 will depend on available funding.

Thank you for your ongoing support.