Ride For Duart Castle
An Interview With Ian MacLean

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Ian has been asked this question by many people so here is his answer from an interview that he did.

He feels very strongly that he and all Macleans (of whatever spelling) are very lucky!:

  • Lucky to be part of a clan who's Chief owns and lives in the ancestral home of Macleans from around the world.

  • Lucky that the Chief and his family welcome Macleans, individually and at the International Gatherings, held every 5 years.

  • Lucky that he has been able to visit the castle "inhale" the history, and feel he has come home. Also to have met other Macleans from all over the world, both at Gatherings, and during other visits.

    He strongly believes that Duart Castle is a wonderful symbol for all Macleans which we must preserve. When the castle began to markedly deteriorate, due to years and weather, he agreed with so many others worldwide that they had to help. He simply feels the chief cannot do this on his own, even though he, and his family have contributed much of their own money to repair the castle.

    Ian feels the while Restoration Appeal has done very well, that it needs to be re-engergized and he thought that if he, a 73 year old portly person, could do this ride it perhaps could inspire others worldwide to support the Duart Restoration Project and to give generously, or start their own type of fundraiser.

    On a more personal family note he said his father instilled in him the importance of having a Clan castle "It is one of two castles still owned by a Clan chief that still remains". His father and mother visited the castle in their lifetime. He and his wife have been there a number of times. Both his boys have been there with him.

    The bottom line for Ian is that he wants his grandchildren and their children to be able to visit what he believes is their ancestral home - so it must be still standing and able to welcome them as he has been welcomed.

    His hope and wish is that people all around the world pick up this special cause and donate generously.