The Banner

Clan MacLean Atlantic (Canada)

September 2003

The September of The Banner dealt mostly with Sir Lachlan's visit, so it is reproduced here in its entirety.

Clan Maclean Atlantic members receive several issues of The Banner per year, as well as The Battleaxe (the international publication).

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Title Page/President's Pencil1
President's Pencil Cont./Notice2
Genealogy Project/CD Memento/Founders Award3
Special Experience/Proud Day4
Proud Day Cont./Visiting The Heartland5
Visiting The Heartland Cont.6
Canada Day Barbeque7
Canada Day Barbeque Cont./New Brunswick8
New Brunswick Cont./Visits Halifax9
Visits Halifax Cont.10
An Impression/A Tribute To M G Gillis11
The Chieftan Came/Flowers Of The Forest12

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